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To have your Modern Tapestry looking its very best, please follow these simple steps upon arrival


  Unpack carefully and hang as soon as possible.

    Gently separate the wool/cotton strands of the tapestry fringe, do not pull or tug.

Lay the fibers flat to the wall and smooth with the palm of your hand.

     Stand back and admire


Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Dust gently by removing your Modern Tapestry from its hanging position and carefully sway from side to side.

Brush off any dust which has collected on the hanging dowel by hand.

Return to hanging position.

Stand back and admire



Best practise for hanging is to use two pin nails.

Once the nails have been secured into the wall, gently place the tapestry upon

           the nails, ensuring the frame is safely fixed in position.  



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