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What materials do you use within your TEXTILE ART?

Great care is given to the selection of fibers that are included in each piece of textile art.
100% natural fibers are used along side artisan ribbons, recycled fibers and synthetics. Each are choosen for their individual qualities but also how they marry together to bring cohesion and relfect the story of the artwork.

Are CUSTOM ART works available?

Of course. Simply contact me via my webpage and we can disucss your requirements.


Yes. International orders are dispatched via an art courier and can be tracked online. Prices typically range fron £100 - £300 depending on the size of your purchase and your location. Larger items may require a specialist art crate which will increase shipping costs. Quotes can be provide prior to purchase. 
International custom laws may require the buyer to pay additonal duties or taxes upon delivery.
Anita Meades is not responsible for any such taxes or fees. 

Do you offer TRADE or WHOLESALE?

Each enquiry is considered upon its own individual merit, please get in touch to discuss.

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